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Hydraulic equipment

Hydraulic equipment

Hydraulic equipment

Here is a list of hydraulic equipment manufactured by our company Tartu Võit Metallitööd OÜ.

We produce modular, cartridge, tubing hydraulic equipment, hydraulic distributors, safety and check valves, hydraulic locks, chokes, counterbalance valves, flow dividers, flow controllers, proportional valves, sectional valves, standard and customized mounting plates, as well as coils and connectors.



  • Gear,
  • Radial-piston,
  • Axial-piston,
  • Plate hydraulic pumps,
  • Screw hydraulic pumps,
  • Special pumps for working with aggressive working media,
  • Pumps with low noise and ripple.


  • Gear,
  • Axial-piston,
  • Radial-piston,
  • Special motors for working with aggressive media.
High pressure hoses

High pressure hoses (HPH), pipe joints

  • Rubber,
  • Thermoplastic,
  • High-temperature HPH,
  • Fittings,
  • Adapters,
  • Quick-release couplings (QRC),
  • Equipment for the assembly of the hoses,
  • Pipes and pipe connections.
Filters and filter elements

Filters and filter elements

  • Pressure, suction, drain and air filters (breathers),
  • Filters with visual, electrical and electro-visual indications,
  • Installations of parallel filtration,
  • Pollution control systems.
Hydraulic accumulators

Hydraulic accumulators

  • Balloon, piston and membrane hydraulic accumulators,
  • Unloading units,
  • Charging devices,
  • Fastening elements,
  • Spare parts for hydroaccumulators.
Heat exchangers

Heat exchangers (oil coolers)

  • Oil-air and water-oil heat exchangers,
  • Industrial and mobile heat exchangers,
  • Systems of parallel oil cooling.


  • Hydraulic cylinders for mobile and industrial applications: single- or double-acting, with one or two rods, with spring return,
  • Telescopic and other special hydraulic cylinders of various designs.
Tanks, couplings and glasses

Tanks, couplings and glasses (bells)

  • Ready-made and custom tanks,
  • Level indicators with electrical and visual indication,
  • Breathers with a filler neck,
  • Glasses, couplings with elastic elements,
  • Brackets for mounting cups,
  • Vibration mounts and dampers.
Brakes and reducers

Brakes and reducers

  • Hydraulic, pneumatic and electromagnetic brakes and clutches,
  • Special gears,
  • Gear wheels,
  • Worm gears, shafts,
  • Large and medium-sized gear clutches,
  • Cardan shafts and mechanical jacks,
  • Lifting equipment, cams.
Instruments for monitoring the parameters of hydraulic systems

Instruments for monitoring the parameters of hydraulic systems

  • Diagnostic equipment,
  • Hydraulic testers,
  • Manual measuring instruments,
  • Digital manometers,
  • Pressure, temperature, speed, flowmeters,
  • Checkpoints.