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Repair of hydraulic manipulators

Repair of hydraulic manipulators

Repair of hydraulic manipulators

Tartu Võit Metallitööd OÜ provides warranty and post-warranty maintenance and repair of crane manipulator systems, loader cranes, hydraulic manipulators

Current repair is the main type of preventive maintenance. During the current repair, a partial disassembly is carried out, a malfunction is eliminated in the nodes for further trouble-free and safe operation.

Tartu võit metallitööd oü performs the following works for repairing crane-manipulators:

  • Boom of the crane manipulator system: analysis (assembly), replacement of boom sections; repair (production on the model of the original) of hydraulic cylinders of extension boom sections; replacement of sliding inserts, guides. Restoration of eyes, elimination of backlashes in hinge and longitudinal knots of sliding.
  • Stand of CMU, column (tower): welding works for restoration and reinforcement of structures, replacement of the bearing of the upper/lower slide (bushing), replacement of the stuffing box, manufacturing of the new frame according to the sample of the original.
  • Supports (outriggers) of the manipulator crane: repair of hydraulic cylinders and manufacture of new hydraulic cylinders according to the original model; repair and manufacture of a remote beam and support casing (square profile), restoration of outrigger locks.
  • Gearbox reducer of the CMU: replacement of shaft-gears, restoration of worm gear and the manufacture of a new model, replacing bearings, seals, friction discs.
  • Tower (column) of the manipulator: repair and manufacturing of the new tower after the model of the original), boring/welding to replace the upper bushing, replacing the column. Repair of hydrocollector.
  • Hydraulic cylinder of the lifting of the boom of CMU: repair (and manufacture) of hydraulic cylinders.
  • Hydraulic cylinders which turn the column (repair, restoration).
  • Hydroallocator of CMU: repair (dismantling, collection, replacement of seals, replacement of plugs, replacement of sections, modernization of the hydraulic distributor).

Timely maintenance and repair of CMU is a pledge of efficient operation of the crane manipulator. The quality of the manufacture of manipulators and strict observance of operating conditions allow long-term operation of the CMU without replacement of spare parts and expensive repairs.

The most common failures in the operation of the manipulator crane are the failure of electronic control systems, safety systems, radio control (if available), less often of a hydraulic system.

We perform high-quality and prompt repair of hydromanipulators of very different complexity!