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The company Tartu Võit Metallitööd OÜ carries out repairing and maintaining of hydraulic systems and assemblies, as well as repairings of individual components of hydraulic systems

Specialists of our company are ready to repair or replace the failed parts of the hydraulic cylinders, including the casings, rods, pistons, lugs and other fastening points, spherical supports, guides, wipers and seals.

Cylinders and rods are made of high quality material. After repair, the customer receives a cylinder that is not inferior in quality to the new one. In the company Tartu Võit Metallitööd OÜ, experienced specialists will repair the hydraulic cylinders of both imported and domestic production.

The experience of repairing hydraulic cylinders by our specialists shows that it is often possible to note the following signs of damage to the hydraulic cylinder:

  • Wear of hydraulic cylinder seals only on one side;
  • Piston rods and cylinder liners are worn or worn from opposite sides along the entire length;
  • The curvature of the piston rod of the hydraulic cylinder exceeds 0.15 mm per 1 meter of length;
  • The surface roughness of the hydraulic cylinder exceeds 0.4 um

One of the most common causes of breakage of hydraulic cylinders is the leakage of oil through the seals. In turn, one of the most common causes of leaks is damage to the piston rod or stem bearing.

Oil leaks in hydraulic cylinders can be caused by:

  • Repair of hydraulic cylinders,
  • Exceeding the permissible temperature,
  • Exposure to chemicals,
  • Excessively high pressure,
  • Excessively low pressure.

Damage to the bearings leads to a breakdown of the hydraulic cylinder seal. One of the reasons for the damage may be the misalignment of the cylinder and the applied load on either side, or bending of the rod is possible if a rod of insufficient length is used. The maximum allowable thrust should correspond to the diameter of the rod and the length of the cylinder.

Repair of hydraulic cylinders in cases of damage

The first thing that is usually done when repairing a hydraulic cylinder is using leveling connectors, spherical bearings and floating rods.

Hydraulic cylinders are capable of withstanding heavy loads on bearings, accompanied by loss of fluid between the piston rods and the load to which these loads act. It should be noted that the magnitude of the load depends on the structural material from which the bearing is made. Bearings made from very strong materials will cause damage to the stem rather than damage themselves. If the cause of hydraulic cylinder failure lies in the bearing operation under dry conditions, then the seal and bearing of the piston rod are close to failure. In this regard, many manufacturers use very strong materials for the manufacture of bearings.

Hydraulic cylinder repair may also be required if the hydraulic fluid is contaminated.

Specialists of Tartu Võit Metallitööd OÜ enumerate the main contaminations of the hydraulic fluid of the hydraulic cylinder:

  • Markings on the surfaces of the rod and seals;
  • Sealing and crumbling of seals at high temperatures;
  • Air bubbles that cause the appearance of marks on the inner surface of the seals at high pressure;
  • Air bubbles that cause the small portions to be cleaved from the seals.

Repair and maintenance of hydraulic cylinders is a responsible business that must be carried out by professionals who know the design and operation of this equipment at the highest level. Tartu Võit Metallitööd OÜ carries out high-quality repair of hydraulic cylinders in the shortest possible time. Our specialists have accumulated vast experience in the repair and maintenance of hydraulic cylinders. Tartu Võit Metallitööd OÜ offers you favorable payment terms and guarantee for our work.

By contacting Tartu Võit Metallitööd OÜ, you can charge the accumulator, change the cylinder, gas or hydraulic valve in the old accumulator. We work with batteries produced by Hydac, Bosch-Rexroth, Olaer, EPE and other companies.

Tartu Võit Metallitööd OÜ carries out diagnostics and after-sales service of systems and units manufactured on the basis of EATON components (Vickers, Char-Lynn, Hydrokraft).

Our specialists repair Sauer-Danfoss axial-piston pumps, high-torque radial piston motors of the types MS, MA and MFA produced by Poclain Hydraulics. Restored pumps and motors are tested and presented to the customer at the stands of our test site.

The high pressure hoses crimping area of Tartu Võit Metallitööd OÜ is equipped with the most modern equipment, which allows assembling industrial and hydraulic hoses of various sizes. Hoses in bays and all the fittings that meet most of the world standards are stored in our warehouse in Tartu, which allows repair or replacement of the hose for several minutes in the presence of the customer.

All the works are performed by experienced certified specialists, who underwent training in the companies engaged in hydraulic equipment manufacture

During the field work, the Parker Hannifin diagnostic equipment is used, which allows measuring the main parameters without stopping the equipment in systems equipped with test points for connecting measuring devices.

The refurbished equipment is given a guarantee.